10 hal yang harus kamu tau tentang HERO

<10 Things You Need To Know About JAEJOONG>

1. He likes to look into the mirror, so never grab or take his mirror away.

2. Once he gets excited, he will tend to speak in dialects, so dont be shocked and frightened.

3. He’s not good at giving winks, so he’ll always reject requests of people asking him to give a wink. ><

4. “pretty”, “looks like a woman” …. He hates to hear this kind of comments. If you ever meet him, you must say “so handsome!”, “TOP” (HOT?)- this sorta of comments.

5. He likes unique and unusual designs of underwear (o.O), so dont give him ordinary-looking ones bcos he will give them away to other members.

6. Although he looks cold on the outside, he is filled with warmth deep inside, so please dont ever hurt him.

7. During a “Coke-Drinking” competition, he actually fainted. So dont ever offer a coke to him bcos that’d remind him of his past frightening experience.

8. He has a habit of wearing an eye-cover to sleep.

9. He has a much slimmer waist compared to that of an average woman, making it seem like his back would break easily, so please do not hug him.

10. The best gift for him would be an international cookbook bcos he loves cooking. However, dont ever say “let’s cook together!” bcos he would reject this sort of requests.


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